Purpose built for remote employee engagement

End to End Encryption

Create collaboration spaces for each team

Optimized for Low Bandwidth

AI-powered Instructor/Supervisor display

Real-time Compliance Alerts and Analytics

Quick Overview


About CollaborationRoom

CollaborationRoom is a next generation, patent-pending tool built to engage team members to drive improved customer experience, training, productivity, and compliance. With a streamlined implementation process and ease of adoption in your work-from-home or hybrid work model, CollaborationRoom is the most effective solution on the market for maintaining your company culture across a widely distributed workforce.

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Our Testimonial


Top Working From Home Productivity Statistics (from emailanalytics.com)

  1. 13% Performance Increase
  2. WFH leads to a 50% decrease in worker attrition
  3. Workers 52% less likely to take time off work
  4. 77% of WFH workforce report higher productivity
  5. Telecommuters have a reported increase in income
  6. 86% of people prefer to work alone
  7. Those who WFH at least once a month report a heightened
  8. level of job satisfaction
  9. 61% of workers claim loud colleagues are a big distraction
  10. 82% of WFH workforce report lower stress


Employee Engagement

Employees can now engage with their supervisor by sharing their screens, video,
and audio throughout the workday.

Give your supervisors the tools they need to engage with their team with private coaching that doesn’t interrupt their ability to monitor their entire team, and real-time facial recognition AI to recognize employee engagement and mood.


Struggling to ensure regulatory compliance now that your office location has fragmented into individual remote offices? Take back the power to securely monitor the workspaces of your employees with CollaborationRoom

Using facial recognition AI, CollaborationRoom can identify whether multiple people are within your employee’s workspace, which will prevent data breaches of your sensitive customer information

Customer Experience

Keeping your employees engaged with your customers is key to a quality customer experience.

Maintain your company culture in a work from home or hybrid work environment in order to best support your customers.

IT Implementation/Data Privacy

Enjoy a seamless implementation without plugins to deploy to your workstations. All your employees need are a webcam and a web browser!

CollaborationRoom does not store any images or recordings, and encrypts all traffic from end to end, keeping your company’s data as it always should be, private.


Real-time notifications when multiple faces are detected in an agent’s workspace or when an agent is absent.

Act on real-time insights by dropping into a private coaching session without leaving your broader team view.

Access customizable historical reporting to analyze both compliance and performance metrics or export the raw data to utilize within your current dashboards.


  • Visual access to agent and their screen(s) simultaneously (just like the manager walking the floor next to the agent. Supports dual screens for supervisors and agents)
  • Agent engagement (paying attention, viewing screen, on task- historical and realtime tracking)
  • Facial evaluation – emotional tracking of agent behavior (happy-green, angry-red)
  • Data Breach and Compliance for the WFH workspace (live notification and tracking when 1 or more people are looking at account and customer data within viewing area)
  • Client Portal to see dedicated agents working their portfolio
  • Customized reporting and agent scorecards
  • Easy implementation and IT management (just requires a web browser and a webcam! Straightforward admin portal for user and room add/modify/delete operations. No upfront development required!)
  • Low Bandwidth Optimized (Adaptive bitrate streaming adjusts to the bandwidth capacity of each agent for video streaming quality. Focused view where agents see only their supervisor’s stream to minimize the bandwidth needed)