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About The Patriot Group

We are a Veteran Owned Organization that is focused on delivering the best customer experience and results possible on behalf of our clients. We partner with experts to drive top performance, the highest level of compliance, and operational efficiency. We will not compromise on ensuring superior quality service. We are driven by relationships, resources and results.
Our commitment to our partners is showcased through the experts we align with to drive strategical performance, the highest level of compliance and an ease in doing business every partner can gain from. We will not compromise on ensuring superior quality service, as our mission to provide the highest value possible and our commitment to people both inside and out of our company. We are driven by relationships, resources and results.

Extended Feature List

  • Visual access to agent and their screen(s) simultaneously (just like the manager walking the floor next to the agent. Supports dual screens for supervisors and agents)
  • Agent engagement (paying attention, viewing screen, on task- historical and real-time tracking)
  • Facial evaluation – emotional tracking of agent behavior (happy-green, angry-red)
  • Data Breach and Compliance for the WFH workspace (live notification and tracking when 1 or more people are looking at account and customer data within viewing area)
  • One on One and Team visual coaching between manager(s) and agent(s)
  • Data Privacy (No storing of customer PII/PHI and no storing of agent/supervisor images or recordings)
  • Enhanced Pagination (allows supervisors to select which agents appear on their front page and allows agents who need their supervisor’s attention to raise their hand and move to the front page for easy and intuitive viewing)
  • Client Portal to see dedicated agents working their portfolio
  • Customized reporting and agent scorecards
  • Easy implementation and IT management (just requires a web browser and a webcam! Straightforward admin portal for user and room add/modify/delete operations. No upfront development required!)
  • Low Bandwidth Optimized (Adaptive bitrate streaming adjusts to the bandwidth capacity of each agent for video streaming quality. Focused view where agents see only their supervisor’s stream to minimize the bandwidth needed)
  • Collaborative Whiteboard (Supervisor can lock editing to agents or open it up to the team. Easy to export!)
  • Historical Reporting and Timestamped Data (Exportable data for your BI team to incorporate into your agent scorecards, compliance tracking, and productivity dashboards)

Our Case Study

CollaborationRoom is a life saver

How BeeSeen Solutions used CollaborationRoom (viewme.ai) to engage with team members to drive higher levels of Communication, Performance, and Compliance

BeeSeen Solutions is a full-service Business Process Outsource provider founded by a group of entrepreneurs who have built several successful companies in the retail, call center, financial services, and technology industries.

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